Version 2.65 - 27 Sept 2015

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Version 2.65 - 27 Sept 2015

Postby Syriac » Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:19 am

* Fixed a bug in PK where players would get stuck and not die.
* Made some changes to the bounty code. You can now bribe away attacker and killer flags.
* Started keeping track of hourly usage again, this was a stock feature that for whatever reason I disabled a long time ago. Would have been nice to have the data... Oh well.
* Capped NPC damage per round to prevent the uber rounds that happened with some mobs. (If anyone sees any 1000+ hits again let me know please.)
* Implemented random anklets.
* The equipment command will now show empty slots (though not shield/dual wield and held).
* The list argument under the store command has been reformatted to look less hideous.
* Laid out the code for FLIs to buy additional OM slots via FBUY.
* Fixed a crash bug with the SWITCH command.
* Cleared the typo list (actually fixed all the typos listed first!)
* Rewrote entire bounty system to tie into MySQL setup. This will become more fleshed out still.
* Hunting mobs won't give up just because a player logs out, they'll sit around angry until the player comes back or the mob is killed/purged in a reboot (or even worse crash :()
* Changed how ordain max slots are calculated, also FLIs can now buy additional slots via FBUY command for a hefty price.
* More work on storage command.
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