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To Do List [8 Oct 2017]

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:09 pm
by Syriac
--Skill/Spell stuff--
* Jump spell. (Escape combat) [Done, Installed]
* Temporary room flags or room spell flags. (Timers need to be added)
* Darkness spell. (Need to add new room flag) (Mage)
* Sunlight spell to counter darkness. (Mage)
* Silence spell. (Need to add a new room flag) (Mage)
* Naturalize spell. (Removes all special room spells) (Druid)
* Blocking spell. (New new room flag, temporarily prevents recall from a room) (Cleric)
* Dirt kick skill. (Blinds opponents) (Ranger/Barbarian)
* Tangle skill. (Keeps opponents from fleeing) (Ranger)
* Trip skill. (Knocks a player off their feet, less likely to dodge/parry/hit when not standing) (Need to implement new flag) (Barbarian)
* Fix an issue with TS spell.

--Equipment stuff--
* Have items with spells also assign a level. (TS amulets for instance)

--Other stuff--
* Healing liquid that can be used in fountains/bottled.
* Random mob generation.
* Random exit protocol.