Ranger Tier

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Ranger Tier

Postby Vukral » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:01 pm

The ranger is such an awesome class. But Warrior/Barb is so much more powerful that it's a waste to use Ranger without a tier to compliment it. This took me a couple days of thinking about it come up with some of these. This occurred after I started a character and meant to dual to thief, and it went ranger. My bad.

These are just some ideas I came up with.

Ranger Tier: Hunter

Special abilities: Ghost/Shadow Walk/Camouflage
Command: ghost / shadow walk / camouflage
Command description: You are now a ghost. OR You walk among the shadows. OR just leave it alone similar to sneak. OR You are now camouflaged.
Description: A combination sneak/invis. Equal to eff level of Hunter Class. Would no longer be effective once an attack was made.

Special ability: Entangle / Root
Command: Entangle *PC* / Root *PC*
Command Description: Syriac has been entangled. OR Syriac has been rooted to the ground.
Description: The Hunter’s version of curse. Non-magical. But would stop an opponent from fleeing/recalling for a brief time. Entangling their feet or “rooting” them to the ground. Could work similar to stun, without knocking the opponent unconscious.

Special ability: Razor Edge / Sharpen
Command: Razor edge *weapon* / Sharpen *weapon*
Command Description: You have added a razor edge to *weapon*. / You have sharpened *weapon* to a razor edge.
Description: Would add 2dr/2hr to a weapon. OR Would add 2dr/2hr to main weapon held.

Special Ability: Whirling Defense
Command: Practice Whirling Defense
Command Description: Your whirling defense fools Syriac's attack.
Description: This skill would work similar to parry / dodge in that once learned, it is automatic in combat. This could be a good / evil type thing as well. Good/neutral would receive Whirling Defense and Evil would receive...

Special Ability: Poison blade
Command: Poison *weapon*
Command Description: You have poisoned the edge of your weapon. | Your slash maims Syriac. He is poisoned. | Your weapon is no longer poisoned.
Description: This would be a skill for a ranger gone evil. Whereas the good/neutral ranger would get Whirling Defense, the evil ranger would use a poisoned weapon. This skill would only last only so long as the poison would eventually wear off. Something similar to a spell, but significantly reduced. Something where you have to use it, knowing you are going into combat.

Special Ability: Marksmanship
Command: Practice Marksmanship
Command Description: You have practiced marksmanship. [Passive Ability]
Description: Bonus damage for use with missile weapons. Something similar to “Enhanced Damage” with warrior class, but only with that type of weapon. Would make this weapon type much more important in the game.

I could likely come up with more. But this was the essence of the "tiered" class for Ranger I had in mind.
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Re: Ranger Tier

Postby KrakenSire » Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:19 am

Ghost: I think a combo of sneak/hide would be better. It suits the class more than a magical invisibility.

Sharpen Blade: Rather than a perm affect, give it a temporary one. You'd have to resharpen your blade as it would dull with use.

Root: Mostly just a terminology issue for me here. Perhaps snare? Could be similar to stun for Barbs, but only used at the beginning of a fight. Would be a very useful skill.

Marksmanship: This could be another fun skill. I'd like to think it could be used at the beginning of a fight, but a missile weapon must be in inventory; not necessarily equipped. Would do moderate damage, but keeps the PC out of range (can't be hit during the combat round). Coupling this with another skills would be awesome. Perhaps a combat 'ROLL' that allows a player to move themselves to a ranged attack round. I'd think this would require some time consuming coding, though.

Awesome ideas, Vukral. They clearly got my brain juices flowing.

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